It takes a little help and a lot of action to build something great. Here’s a few tools and resources to get you going and growing your startup more effectively. Note: some of these links are affiliate links (to help pay for editing and such, you won’t pay a cent more) but if you’re uncomfortable with that, just Google the tool and you’re good to go.


Tools By Category: Hosting & Websites, Business & Admin, Marketing & Sales


Hosting and Websites

Bluehost – Cheap, Simple Hosting and Domains

We manage all our sites through Bluehost because it’s so easy, from WordPress to Shopify and everything in between, Bluehost’s CPanel system and domain emails (ie: is simple and straightforward. And their prices can’t be beat. Their customer support is solid, as is the uptime. Check them out if you run a site and want to simplify.


Namecheap – The Fastest, Cheapest Way to Buy Domain Names

I’ve always used Namecheap to buy and manage domain names. It’s easy to point to Bluehost or Cloudflare, cheap to find great domains and stupidly simple to use. Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a great domain name.


WP Engine – Simple Managed WordPress Hosting and Support

500,000+ sites and bloggers trust WP Engine to manage their hosting and site maintenance. If you’re a blogger or business looking to get off the ground fast (while still having a top-notch design/web presence), check out WP Engine. Today, they’re offering listeners 35+ free Studio Press themes (which we’ve used in the past and look great) just for signing up. Use this link.


Marketing and Sales


ConvertKit – Email Marketing to Automate and Grow Your Business

ConvertKit’s the easiest way to manage email campaigns and automations: everything from sending podcasts, product reminders & abandoned carts, to optin bonuses, lead tagging and more. If you need a simple yet robust way to communicate with your customers/audience and want a scalable way to grow your efforts, I’d recommend giving ConvertKit a shot.


HubSpot – Marketing and Sales CRM to Kickstart Sales

HubSpot’s the perfect tool for startups and marketers looking to convert more sales leads, candidates, potential investors (or potential podcast guests :)! I love HubSpot’s Gmail extension for templated emails and have used their sales suite in the past to track leads, monitor and close more customers and teams love it, especially that it scales as you do with startup pricing. They have some great FREE cold email templates, courses on Content Marketing and Inbound Sales. Get a FREE Email CRM here or check out their entire suite to see how HubSpot can help your team.


Business and Admin

QuickBooks – Easier Accounting for Any Business

Keeping track of the books is tough for any entrepreneur or freelancer. QuickBooks gets you setup fast to track expenses and know where you stand with your business, which I for one have gotten upside down in the past. Whether you’re seeking funding or scaling something smaller, make sure you’re making money in the process and minimize your headaches comes tax time with QuickBooks.


Fiverr – The Best Way to Get Anything Done

I’ve used Fiverr dozens of times, from podcast cover designs to beta readers, from SEO and website help to Photoshop, admin work and everything in-between. Whether you’re a creator looking to start a side hustle or business, or in need of help on a specific task or project, we highly recommend it. Pro tip: make sure they offer free revisions and compare designs and reviews ahead of time.


LastPass – If You and Your Team Hate Managing Passwords

LastPass handles ALL your passwords. Enough said. You can share access between collaborators, family members, anyone really and keep access to your most secure accounts safe. We use LastPass with our whole team, and with the string of hacks lately, you should too. Generate secure passwords and never need that password reset pain again. Enjoy!



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