Tech Talks 2 – The Future of Clean Meat, Farming and Animal Agriculture

Welcome to the 2nd ever Tech Talk Livestream, where serial entrepreneur, angel investor, futurist and host of Fringe.FM podcast Matt Ward discusses one specific industry or technology, weighing in with his opinions and sharing overviews and predictions of where the world is headed.

In today’s video, Matt discusses biotech and the clean meat revolution, something he’s incredibly excited and passionate about as an investor and ex-vegetarian

Specifically we talk about:

– The clean meat industry and hurdles it has to overcome

– Why and when clean meat will become inevitable

– How lab grown meat has potential to drastically reduce emissions and climate change

– The unintended and possibly scary consequences of switching away from animal agriculture

And much much more. We hope you enjoy this 2nd experimental episode of Tech Talks on all things ecommerce.

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