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Health and Wellness

Four Sigmatic: Mushroom Coffees & Blends for Superhuman Performance

Love coffee but hate the jitters? Or maybe you’re like me, and want increased focus and productivity to power through the podcast, writing, startup coaching and life as a dad. I need to be switched on, and Four Sigmatic’s Lionsmane coffee is the real deal: safe, only 40mg of caffeine, less acidy and has powerful antioxidants that keep me, and real world-class performers like Tim Ferriss and Jonathan Levi, at the top of their games. Use Coupon Code: DISRUPTORS to save an additional 10% plus FREE shipping in US on any of their superfood supps.

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Daniel Schmachtenberger (prev on podcast) and the folks at Neurohacker are some of THE smartest biohackers on the planet, and their Qualia line of brain-enhancing nootropics make it obvious why. Get $15% off ANY order, or 50% OFF 1st order and 15% OFF ALL orders if you order a subscription with Coupon Code: DISRUPTORS At Disruptors, we’re big on health and biohacking for a reason!

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ONNIT: Elite Performance Nutrition and Supplements

Designed for and by athletes and top performers like Joe Rogan, ONNIT make top-notch supplements and workout gear. Big fan of MCT oil when I’m doing keto, their F*CK YEAH! Coffee with 2x the caffeine, grass-fed whey protein and Total Human, the all-in-one to live and perform at your best. Save 10% on ANY ORDER (except fitness equipment) with Coupon Code: disruptors

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Muse: Meditation Made Easy

Do you meditate? Muse is a neurofeedback (ie EEG based brain-sensing) device that helps meditators/anyone learn to control their mind and quiet the thoughts. The science is great, neurofeedback helps meditators achieve zen-level results in less time. I’m a big fan of meditation (as you know) and Muse is hooking listeners up with 15% OFF when they use our link. Enjoy and happy chilling!

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Thrive Market: American Organic and Natural Online Groceries

Get the healthiest foods and products (including Lion’s Mane, gluten-free lentil pastas and breads, chemical-free cleaners and killer organic coconut milk at up to 50% OFF delivered to your door with a subscription to Thrive Market’s awesome online health store. Listeners get a BONUS $25% OFF 1st order, up to $20 when you use this special link.

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Personal and Finance

Amazon Smile: Shop on Amazon at NO EXTRA Cost to You

You can support The Disruptors while bingeing on Amazon, really! Just set up Amazon Smile and every time you buy something, 0.5% will go to power us and help us grow our disruptive tribe towards bigger change in the world.


The Cash App: Save $1 at ALL Coffee Shops in US

Seriously. Our team works a ton at Starbucks, and the Cash App saves us $1 every single time with their FREE boosts. And there are lots of other boosts. Get $5 FREE when you sign up using our link, and know you’re supporting The Disruptors (and your coffee addiction) in the process. PS. It’s from Square, and not a scam. It’s really that cool and I’ve saved app


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