Are you interested in human longevity and living longer? Are you fascinated with biotech, self-optimization, human performance and being the most awesome version of yourself?

If you didn’t realize already, we here at The Disruptors are incredibly passionate about human enhancement and believe in both diet and science/genetic based approaches to live longer, be smarter and more productive and create more meaningful lives.

We try to feature as many innovators and thought leaders focused on biotech, genetic engineering and human optimization as possible, but we always want more. By the way if you haven’t listened to all our health and biotech interviews already, we recommend doing that first.

But to add to these, here are some of the podcasts and books which have had the biggest impact on our team personally.

Our Favorite 4 Health, Longevity and Human Optimization Podcasts


1. Collective Insights

collective insights by neurohacker collectiveWe recently interviewed Daniel Schmachtenberger, host of the Collective Insights by Neurohacker Collective and one of the most interesting human beings I have ever met. Daniel and the team at NHC are focused on the science and practice of pushing human performance to the limits. Each episode Daniel (or occasionally another functional medicine doctor) from the company interview a thought leader in the worlds of gene therapy, diet and nutrition optimization, nootropics or other biohacking fields to look at the practices and strategies which directly lead to increased mental and physical performance and human longevity.

Some of the episodes may see slightly out there but if you suspend disbelief long enough to listen and learn more, you will quickly find the systemic approach to human health and optimization clearly outperforms the “pop a pill to make it all better” Western approach. Highly highly recommend. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, enjoy.

2. Bulletproof Radio

bulletproof radio biohacking podcastHosted by Dave Asprey, the coffee guy looking to live to 180, I will admit we were initially skeptical. And while Dave does plug Bulletproof products throughout the episodes, we have been incredibly impressed by the content and value nearly every episode provides. From deep dives on ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting to the effects of smart drugs, light therapy, sleep optimization and more, Dave and the folks at Bulletproof deliver a podcast which at the very least has drastically increased the quality of life and performance for our team here at The Disruptors.

Dave is a mad-scientist that tries all forms of bio-hacking on himself to figure out what works, what doesn’t and share the results with his fans.

I have been a proponent of IF (intermittent fasting) for a while now and thanks to research and learnings from the podcast have decided to go full keto – high fat, medium protein as a diet, not to lose weight but to uplevel myself mentally and physically. It cleary appears to be working too as my mental capacity and clarity are at totally new levels and I must credit Bulletproof Radio for much of this transformation. I plan to live to 153 and this is a big part of how.

3. Exponential Wisdom

exponential wisdom with peter diamandis and dan sullivanPeter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan make a great one-two punch in this dynamic podcast focused on technology, futurism and human longevity. I’ll admit to bingeing all 50 episodes of Exponential Wisdom within 3 days while envisioning The Disruptors (listening at 3.5x speed).

Diamandis, the founder of the XPrize, Human Longevity Institute and many other game changing institutions is incredibly passionate and motivational, seeking to live to 700. And his co-host Dan Sullivan isn’t too shabby either, a 70+ year old executive coach focused on helping top performers up their game. Even at 73 years of age, Dan still works out hard every day, optimizes his health and is constantly testing bloodwork, planning to make it to at least 156.

The podcast shares their various strategies for extreme longevity, the cutting edge science making it possible and where we are headed from here. We recommend subscribing in iTunes ASAP.

4. Live Long and Master Aging

live long and mastering aging podcastWhile less “sexy” than the other podcasts listed, Live Long and Mastering Aging, or the LLAMA podcast is hosted by Peter Bowes and explores the science and stories of extreme human longevity. Peter interviews experts in the fields of nutrition, fasting, exercises, meditation and more to analyze the techniques which help expand healthy, productive human lifespan.

As the only host without a horse (ie product/service) in the game, Peter brings a ton of credibility to the conversation and is always interesting to listen to. His recommendations are incredibly helpful for anyone looking to optimize themselves although I personally fall more into the Bulletproof camp myself. Check out the LLAMA podcast, it may just add a few years to your life!

Recommended Health and Longevity Books



The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer by Dr Elizabeth Blackburn

Quoted in our interviews with both Ariel Garten and Aubrey de Grey, Blackburn’s groundbreaking research into the science of Telemeres and how to think yourself to a healthier, happier life is revolutionary. We highly highly recommend you grab a copy on Amazon or get your free audiobook from Audible.


Head Strong: Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weekshead strong by dave asprey by Dave Asprey

If you want a done-for-you guide to human health, longevity and performance optimization, we can highly recommend Head Strong. Again, Dave Asprey is the original biohacker, sharing over a decade of experience in how he managed to lose hundreds of pounds, become incredibly fit, optimize his brain performance and set himself up to live to 180. In essence, your health boils down to your mitochondria, the powerhouses of your cells. When your mitochondria are happy and performing optimally (which by the way you have probably never felt in your life), you feel close to superhuman. I can personally attest to this as simply a ketogenic diet, exercise and a few supplements recommended by the book have supercharged my mind and body. Grab the book on Amazon today or better yet, get a free audio version on Audible (which I’m finishing up now). Enjoy.


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