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BONUS Future Snippets: How China’s CRISPR babies change the game for genetic engineering | Paul Root Wolpe

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Paul Root Wolpe (@parowol) is the Raymond F. Schinazi Distinguished Research Chair in Jewish Bioethics, a Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, and Biological Behavior, and Sociology, and the Director of the Center for Ethics at Emory University and spent 15 years as Senior Bioethicist at NASA and is now their first Chief of Bioethics. Paul sits on a number of national and international non-profit organizational boards, has testified twice to the President’s Commission on the Study of Bioethical Issues in DC. He’s a popular speaker internationally, has won the World Technology Network Award in Ethics, has been featured in a TED talk, and was profiled in the November 2011 Atlantic Magazine as a “Brave Thinker of 2011.” He is also been featured on 60 Minutes and profiled in the Science Times of the New York Times.

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