The Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show

Announcing The Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Podcast

Are you a climate or impact startup looking for funding? Are you an investor looking for interesting world-positive companies to invest in?

Then let me introduce you to The Startup Tank presented by 4WARD.VC, the ultimate startup investor pitch contest where top climate tech and impact founders pitch to a panel of VCs looking to fund world-positive cleantech, sustainability, health and impact startups looking to move the world forward.

If you’ve ever wanted a chance to pitch your company or get in front of VCs and angel investors, now is your time to shine.

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  • wiCow: Reducing cow birthing deaths from 6% to 1%.
  • Bomway: The Alibaba of sustainable product/supplier sourcing
  • DOTS: Soil sensing to stop billions in fertilizer runoff pollution
  • Materials Nexus: Harnessing AI to develop sustainable new materials
  • Foodsquared: Upcycling food and drink by-products into plant-based proteins
  • Voltiris: Transforming greenhouses into renewable solar powerplants
Investor Panelists:
  • Sven Meyer – Investor at 4Impact VC
  • Madeline Lawrence – Investor at Peak Capital
  • Ricardo Camarinha – Investor at Teal Impact
4WARD.VC’s angel group invests in mission-driven pre seed and seed stage startups moving the world forward by tackling big problems in the areas of commerce/ecommerce, platforms/marketplaces, consumer tech, fintech, cleantech & climate change, B2B/enterprise, hardware-as-a-service and of course software/SaaS.
For more information on 4WARD.VC and our angel syndicate: 4WARD.VC/syndicate
YCombinator popularized the demo day. Shark Tank revolutionized the investor pitch. We take the best of both worlds combined with the Covid-fueled remote nature of everything to bring you The Startup Tank Demo Days presented by 4WARD.VC, the startup pitch fest where founders get to pitch to prospective investors, possible cofounders and the tech ecosystem as a whole.
If you’ve ever wanted a chance to pitch your company or get in front of VCs and angel investors, now is your time to shine.
About the host:
Matt Ward is a serial entrepreneur & startup advisor, lead’s 4WARD.VC’s angel syndicate focused on early-stage climate and impact companies that move the world forward and Venture Partner with Climentum Capital dedicated to helping great startup founders change the world for the better through strategy, growth and fundraising support

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