Welcome to The Disruptors, the podcast about today, tomorrow and the future of humanity. We bring today’s top minds to discuss the future they are creating. From genetic engineering to manned space travel, AI and automation to factory farming, education and healthcare, the purpose of this podcast is to not only predict the future, but to create it.

I started The Disruptors to bring together scientists, startups, innovators and thought leaders to have thoughtful discussions on the direction of our species. I believe we engineer the future we envision and by working together as one, we can build a better world.

About the founder

Matt Ward

Matt Ward is a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, business coach and occasional investor that’s helped thousands build, grow and scale successful startup companies through his efforts with FBA ALLSTARS and The Syndicate podcast.

Thanks to three successful exits of companies he founded, Matt now works primarily as an advisor, business coach and speaker focused on helping innovators create massively scalable, sustainable change in the world through startups.

Matt’s a top writer on Medium.com, author of Gods of the Valley – How Today’s Tech Giants Monopolize the Future and has been featured in Mattermark Daily, The Next Web, Inc, VentureBeat, Think Growth, Hackernoon among others, including 35+ podcasts.

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Goals for the podcast

  1. Make this sustainable so we’re able to continue: we’re at 26 patrons. We need to reach 300 to cover costs and livable minimum wage.
  2. Help create 1000 startups as a direct result of the podcast
  3. Reach 10M individuals worldwide (people NEED to know what our guests are working on – education is the ultimate cure to ignorance and hate)


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