Hi, I’m Matt

Matt WardHi, I’m Matt. Thanks for stopping by.

I work with folks building businesses and changing the world to help them 10x their impact, while working less, achieving more and learning to love life.

Do you have a startup, small business or industry leader you’re looking to take to the next level? Are you stuck or not growing as quickly as you’d like?

Or worse still, have you lost your purpose and direction, unsure where to go next?

I help CEOs, founders and innovators reach their full potential, build bigger businesses than they’d ever imagined possible and be the change they want to see in the world while being handsomely rewarded for their work.

If you’d like to go bigger in business and in life, I’d love to chat. I only take on high-performers with high expectations for themselves.

Official Bio

Matt Ward is a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor and business coach, investor, author, futurist and host of The Disruptors podcast

He’s built and sold three companies (including a 7-figure ecommerce exit in under 12 months), coached thousands of founders and CEOs through his podcasts FBA ALLSTARS (on all things Amazon ecommerce) and The Syndicate (the ins and outs of startup investing) and come to be recognized as a top thought leaders on the topic of startups, entrepreneurship, Amazon/ecommerce, marketing and futurism.

He’s a top Medium.com top blogger, ranked #33 on Ross Dawson’s most influential futurists rankings and his writing’s been featured in the likes of Mattermark Daily, Inc, Lifehacker, Inc, VentureBeat, Gigaom and Hackernoon. Matt’s been interviewed on 35+ podcasts, including Conscious Millionaire, Entrepreneur On Fire, the Superhuman Academy podcast and is the author of Gods of the Valley: How Today’s Tech Giants Monopolize our Future.

As a business coach and advisor, Matt works with founders, investors and organizations creating positive impact on the world, helping them 10x their results and take advantage of upcoming technological mega shifts to position their organizations for unprecedented levels of growth and success.


Interested in working with Matt, either as speaker or coach? Feel free to reach out.