85. A New Story for Climate Change and Creating a Better World | Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein - author Charles Eisenstein (@ceisenstein) is an author, podcaster and public speaker focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. His online writings have built a tremendous following; he speaks frequently at conferences and other events, and gives numerous interviews on radio and podcasts. He has been called “one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time” in Ode magazine’s “25 Intelligent Optimists” issue. He is the author of several books including:

On his podcast: A New and Ancient Story, Charles interviews a series of extraordinary guests: activists and healers, scientists and spiritual teachers, artists and entrepreneurs, indigenous people and those from the elite. Topics revolve around concepts of interbeing and “technologies of reunion” [spreaker type=player resource=”episode_id=18590586″ width=”100%” height=”200px” theme=”light” playlist=”false” playlist-continuous=”false” autoplay=”false” live-autoplay=”false” chapters-image=”true” episode-image-position=”right” hide-logo=”false” hide-likes=”false” hide-comments=”false” hide-sharing=”false” hide-download=”true”] Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Android | Overcast | Spotify | Youtube You can listen right here on iTunes In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • The myth of separation and of self
  • Why our existing stories are destroying our planet
  • How consciousness and Eastern medicine can teach us about the nature of reality
  • Which technologies Charles is most worried about
  • The problem with the stories society tells itself
  • Why past technologies and practices are needed for future progress
  • How psychedelics can shift the human consciousness forward
  • Why we are likely headed to a new structure for civilization
  • How to make miracles happen
  • Why Charles is worried about soil health and the future of our planet
  • The reason science is sometimes wrong and often late
  • Why we need to reimagine climate change now
  • The power of individual actions


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