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78. Catching the Most Notorious Spy in US History and Why James Bond’s Just a Hacker | Eric O’Neill

Eric O'Neill - Security Expert, FBI and Counter IntelligenceEric O’Neill (@eoneill) is an accomplished speaker, security expert and author that presents keynotes about espionage and national security, cybersecurity, fraud, corporate diligence and defense, hacking, pursuing one’s dreams and surviving Hollywood. Eric has worked as an FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative, a national security attorney, as a corporate security consultant and founded The Georgetown Group, a premier investigative and security services firm. In February 2001 Eric helped capture the most notorious spy in United States history, Robert Phillip Hanssen. In the three months preceding Hanssen’s arrest, Eric was selected to work with the spy, charged with gaining Hanssen’s trust and slowly drawing the traitor out of deep cover. They caught the traitor, thanks to Eric’s James Bond-esque skill which we’ll of course discuss.

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You can listen right here on iTunes In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • How espionage has evolved since the Cold War
  • Why cyber warfare is the spying of today
  • How Eric and his team were able to catch the most notorious spy in US history
  • The reason terrorism has such an outsized effect on public policy and society
  • How to prevent the US from becoming a surveillance state
  • The effects of Edward Snowden
  • Why IoT means security will become even more vital
  • What’s really going on between the US and China
  • Why Hollywood isn’t exactly ghost hunting spies
  • The truth about Huawei

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