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57. The Bluezone Secrets to Health, Happiness and Longevity | Jason Prall of Human Longevity Project

Jason Prall - Human Longevity Project

Jason Prall (@jasonprall) is an anti-aging expert ad the co-founder of The Human Longevity Project, an upcoming documentary film series filmed over 2 years, in over 50 locations, in 9 countries, on 3 continents that will take you on an exciting journey around the globe, on a mission to discover the secrets of the longest-lived and healthiest populations on Earth.

Due to 20 years of health challenges, Jason dove into the reality behind his symptoms and through the process, he began working remotely with individuals around the world to provide solutions for those suffering from complex health issues that their doctors were unable to resolve.

In 2016, Jason transitioned from working in integrative disease care model to a model of health optimization and lifestyle medicine. These lessons were culminated in a free online documentary film series called, “The Human Longevity Project”, which uncovers the complex mechanisms of chronic disease & aging and the true nature of longevity in our modern world. Topics include: Sleep, Diet & Nutrition, Gut Health, DNA & Epigenetics, Environmental Toxins, Biohacking and much more and thanks to dozens of interviews with leaders in all major health fields, both Jason and the film are a wealth of knowledge on the cutting edge of longevity research.

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In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • The lessons learned from talking to bluezone centenarians
  • Why medications often make you less healthy
  • What Jason learned about farming and feeding your family
  • The problem with conventional agriculture
  • How genetics and environment influence your life and healthspan
  • The scary truth about our soil supply
  • Why Jason is excited about the potential of psychedelics
  • How trauma affects and often causes disease and psychological problems
  • Why Americans are getting sicker than ever
  • The reason Jason is worried about clean meat
  • Why happy people live longer
  • The importance of community and simplicity to health

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