the ethics of ai and data

46. The Ethics of AI in an Era of Big Data | David Smith

David Smith - Cloud Developer AdvocateDavid Smith (@revodavid) is the Cloud Developer Advocate and R Community Lead at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, David was the Chief Community Officer (and is current editor-in-chief) of Revolution Analytics, daily news about using open source R for big data analysis, predictive modeling, data science, and visualization since 2008. David has a knack for building user communities and is currently the Vice President of Community for REvolution Computing, David focuses on promoting and supporting the commercial use of the open-source data analysis software system R. David is a co-author of the tutorial manual An Introduction to R, one of the originating developers of ESS: Emacs Speaks Statistics and is also a member of the board of the R Consortium. [spreaker type=player resource=”episode_id=18590634″ width=”100%” height=”200px” theme=”light” playlist=”false” playlist-continuous=”false” autoplay=”false” live-autoplay=”false” chapters-image=”true” episode-image-position=”right” hide-logo=”false” hide-likes=”false” hide-comments=”false” hide-sharing=”false” hide-download=”true”] Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Android | Overcast | Spotify | Youtube   You can listen right here on iTunes In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • The ethical problems of analyzing data
  • Why AI will affect so many massive industries
  • How governments need to start thinking about AI/ML
  • The reason David thinks artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it destroys
  • Why we’re still decades off from artificial general intelligence
  • The tech giant effect on AI and data science
  • How Microsoft is leading the way towards tech future
  • David’s thoughts on the future of tech monopolies
  • Why the battle for the future is based on attracting developers
  • Where cloud computing is headed from here
  • Why open ecosystems and opensource almost always wins

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