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24. AI, AR, Education and the Future of Jobs | Brad Waid

Brad Waid - Augmented Reality and EdTechBrad Waid (@techbradwaid) is an international speaker, influencer and educator with over 15 years of classroom and industry experience. Brad is an industry leader in the fields of educational technology, 21st-century learning, culture and innovation and has been named a top 15 influencer/thought leader in Augmented Reality.

Brad is a consultant to industry, education, and government and is often called on by industry to assist in marketing and telling the story of a product or a company. He also assists school districts and educational conferences in applying technology into education, and he works with government agencies to improve education for all students.

​As a consultant to start-ups from Silicon Valley to New York and government agencies, Brad has a unique perspective on the evolution of the tech landscape.

He has been honored by the National School Board Association as one of the “20 to Watch” in Educational Technology. Brad’s knowledge of educational technology, his ability to assist industry and government and his passion to inspire educational change, makes him a highly sought after speaker and influencer who makes an impact where ever he goes.

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In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • How augmented reality has changed in the past decade
  • What is on the near-term horizon in terms of holograms, VR and AR
  • How technology transforms society and cultural norms
  • The ways education is being rewritten for the modern world
  • Why Brad is so bullish on AI and machine learning
  • The problems with AI and AR for freedom and personal privacy
  • How Brad thinks about the future of work
  • The reason Brad thinks college is a collapsing system
  • What Brad believes is necessary to save the education system
  • The societal struggles to change education
  • Which of today’s top tech companies will lead the future of tech
  • Why Minority Report isn’t that far off
  • Ways technology transforms society more than we realize
  • Why Brad is big on space travel

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