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190. Rewriting the Black American Dream to Building Better Communities at Home | Majora Carter

Majora Carter (@MajoraCarter) is an American urban revitalization strategist and broadcast producer/host from the South Bronx in New York whose career has spanned environment, economy, social mobility, and real estate development.

Majora’s work has won major awards including a MacArthur ‘genius’ Grant, a Peabody Award, the Rudy Bruner Award Silver Medal, nine honorary doctorates, and is quoted on the walls of the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture: “Nobody should have to move out of their neighborhood to live in a better one.”

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Black Lives Matter and the big issue with housing inequality
  • Why owning communities is such a big part of improving them
  • Majora’s work with greenification and better urban areas
  • The role of investment in changing a city’s culture
  • What steps can the US take to righting past racial wrongs
  • Why the future of cities and urbanization is a bit more local
  • Which narratives around health and wealth contribute most to racial inequality
  • Why inner city brain drain makes everything all the worse
  • How to use triple bottom line businesses to better the world
  • What systemic racism looks like from a successful black woman’s perspective

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