184. Investing in Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychedelics for a Better Mental Health Future | Charlie Hartwell

charlie hartwell

Charlie Hartwell (@ShiftIt_Inst) is an Operating Partner at the Bridge Builders Collaborative, a consumer health tech investment group that invested early in Pear Therapeutics, Insight Timer and Headspace, in addition to being a “Change Agent” focused on igniting consciousness, mindfulness, and creating a more connected human world.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Where are headed with consumer health tech and consciousness
  • Why Charlie’s afraid our collective ability to live together
  • How mindfulness and meditation can help us get through this COVID crisis
  • The role of psychedelics in shifting mental health
  • Why meditation may just be the next best medic
  • Which alternative health practices hold the most promise for the future of healthcare
  • What Charlie thinks we should do for a more mentally-sound world
  • Why we’re treating patients and health all wrong
  • How investment dollars drive innovation
  • Why the psychedelic movement of today is much more than a fad
  • What’s the future of wearable tech

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