161. The Mathematics of War and Future of US-China Relations, Plus AI, Automation and Mutually Assured Destruction | Sean Gourley

Sean gourley physicist

Sean Gourley (@sgourley) is a physicist, founder and CEO of AI company, Primer, an expert on the mathematics of war, TED Fellow, speaker and political advisor.

Before that, he was CTO and co-founder of Quid, an augmented-intelligence company and also worked on self-repairing nano-circuits at NASA. Sean was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford focused on complex systems and the mathematical patterns underlying modern war which was published on the cover of Nature.

He has served as a political advisor, briefed USCENTCOM at the Pentagon and addressed the United Nations in Vienna, serves on the Board of Directors at Anadarko (NYSE:APC).

Sean is also a two-time New Zealand track and field champion and sits on the Knight Commission focused on reforming collegiate athletics.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • The future of the US-China relationship, and possible war
  • What differentiates AI creativity from humans
  • The automation law that ALWAYS leads to occasional epic consequences
  • Should we develop autonomous weapons? Will we
  • What are the biggest predictors of war and civil strife
  • Why San Francisco is anything but a model city
  • Are cyborgs and genetic superhumans inevitable
  • How long until we have human-level AI
  • Why economic war creates the conditions for actual fighting
  • What works well with mutually assured destruction
  • How to engineer equality into our economy
  • Why Sean is worried about deep fakes breaking democracy
  • How to think about dynamic geopolitical decisions
  • The importance of education and what its future holds

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