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16. Launching a Space Hotel 200 Miles Above Earth at $792,000 Per Night | Frank Bunger of Orion Span

Frank Bunger - Orion Span - Space TravelFrank Bunger (@frankbunger) is a veteran technology executive, serial entrepreneur and Founder/CEO at Orion Span – the company that’s building a space hotel (second space station) and looking bring down the cost of visiting and living in space by orders of magnitude. The hotel, named Aurora Station will host 6 individuals at a time for nearly $1M/day, letting everyday folks experience life 200 miles above Earth.

Outside of Orion Span, Frank has extensive experience building early-stage companies, having gone from zero to eight-digit revenue in a previous venture. Frank has a multi-disciplinary background across several industries, including software, hardware, and manufacturing. Most recently, he was Vice President at UpGuard, a firm focused on software automation, where his division performed in the top 3% of SaaS groups – worldwide – by sales and retention.

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In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • The future of interstellar space travel
  • Why now is the time for space tech startups
  • How Frank’s company plans to put a profitable hotel in orbit
  • The big problem with putting people into space
  • Why we’re still a few years off from a moon or Mars colony
  • The importance of sci-fi in technology and invention
  • How the shift from public to private space companies is transforming industry
  • The effects of ownership and asteroid mining in space
  • Frank’s thoughts on the evolution and transformation of humans in space
  • The reason Frank views space exploration as merely amplified globalization
  • The awesome effects of space technology on the rest of the economy
  • What life is like is 200 miles above earth

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