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151. Tackling Climate Change With Economic Incentives and Circular Economics | Andrew Winston

Andrew Winston

Andrew Winston (@andrewwinston) is the founder of Winston Eco-Strategies, author of The Big Pivot and Green Recovery, and coauthored Green to Gold, the best-selling guide to what works — and what doesn’t — when companies go green.

He’s a globally recognized expert on green business and has appeared in WSJ, Time, BusinessWeek, NYTimes, and CNBC. His clients have included Bank of America, Bayer, HP, Pepsi, Boeing, and IKEA.

He’s a respected speaker, served as the Director of Corporate Environmental Strategy Project at Yale’s renowned School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and has a weekly column for Harvard Business Online. He was recently named a “Planet Defender” by Rock the Earth.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How to redesign the economy and stock market to incentivize a better future
  • What are the biggest megatrends affecting our future
  • Why eating less/clean meat is the biggest thing you can do to fight climate change
  • Fixing the shareholder value incentive ruining our world
  • Why short-termism is the route of the most evil
  • What you should know about the Green New Deal
  • Why the US doesn’t do enough for infrastructure
  • The reason the US doesn’t solve the election turnout issues
  • How close are we to point of no return on environment
  • Andrew’s thoughts on the future of renewable energy and why it’s inevitable
  • Why Andrew’s optimistic about fighting climate change
  • What’s the role of government going forward
  • Why we need circular economics and to tackle climate change now
  • The danger of the devices and social media

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