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150. Delivery Drones and Our Robot Future | Tessa Lau

Dr Tessa Lau

Dr. Tessa Lau (@tessalau) is the founder and CEO of Dusty Robotics, a startup whose mission is to address construction industry labor shortages by introducing robotic automation on the jobsite. Prior to Dusty, she was CTO/co-founder at Savioke, where she orchestrated the deployment of 75+ delivery robots into hotels and high-rises and she’s spent an impressive career (including 11 years at IBM) focused on automation and giving people superpowers.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • What makes scaling a robot fleet so hard
  • Why Tessa is a big proponent of universal basic income
  • How far are we from human-level intelligence
  • Why we’ll have full self-driving in ten years
  • The risk of building robots that look human
  • Why construction is prime for disruption
  • The unique challenges of building a hardware robotics company
  • What automation will do towards affordable housing
  • The state of drone delivery and more
  • Why we’re headed towards a future with no privacy
  • Where to focus on a career for the future
  • The big problem with robot anthropomorphism

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