128. Saving Lives and Stopping Disease Through Clean Air and Startup Innovations | Jaya Rao

Jaya Rao molekule cofounder

Jaya Rao (@molekulair) is the co-founder of Molekule, a transformative SF based startup that’s raised $38M+ to tackle the clean air problem worldwide, starting in people’s homes to promote a healthier future. Prior to Molekule, Jaya focused with Stanford’s Public Sector InnovationLabs to work with citizens to redesign public transit.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • The epidemic of air pollution worldwide
  • How mold, toxins, and allergies lead to shortened lifespans and disease
  • Why we need more women and diversity in tech and government
  • Public transit from a public policy perspective
  • Why the indoors is often many times more polluted than outside
  • Which tech trends most worry Jaya and why
  • The power and problems of the smart home movement
  • What science-focused startups need to do differently to raise money
  • Why competitive entrepreneurs and innovators are the answer to most problems
  • The reason hardware is so hard to fund
  • Why diversity leads to much better outcomes
  • The importance of commercializing university innovations
  • The state of health tech today

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