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126. Why Tech Isn’t the Answer (or Problem) and Society Needs New Ethics and Incentives to Survive this Century | Nikola Danaylov

Nikola Danlayov Singularity FM

Nikola Danalyov (@singularityblog) is a keynote speaker and futurist, tech philosopher, vegan and the host of Singularity.FM, one of the top tech futurism and ethics podcasts where he’s interviewed 200+ of the best scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, film-makers, philosophers and artists, debating the most important issues. Nikola’s the bestselling author of Conversations with the Future and also published over 1000 articles on AI, the singularity and the future of all of us. He’s been featured in BBC, the Huffington Post, WIRED, TV Japan, io9, ZDNet, BoingBoing and others and is regarded by many as the Socrates of  Today.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • The importance of ethics in today’s exponential tech world
  • Nikola’s fight with Singularity University and organizations that don’t live out their values
  • Why the singularity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
  • Will capitalism survive our coming economic upheaval
  • The reason philosophy is more important now than ever
  • Nikola’s thoughts on the war machine and military manufacturers
  • Which countries present the best fundamental frameworks going forward
  • The technologies and trends that most worry this accomplished thinker
  • How to balance incentives and ethics to create a better world
  • The reason the US is poorly positioned to combat AI-driven unemployment
  • Why humanity always has and will always struggle with the same existential issues
  • The reasons Nikola’s soured on the techno-optimism movement
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