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114. Why LeBron’s Poop Could Help You Lose Weight, GMOs Rock and Your Gut Gets Last Word on Disease | Zack Abbott of ZBiotics

ZBiotics founder Zach Abbott

Zack Abbott (@ZBioticsCompany) is the CEO and co-founder of ZBiotics, a company developing bioengineered probiotics for optimum human performance. He holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Michigan and developed ZBiotics’ core technology: probiotic bacteria genetically engineered to express targeted protein therapies directly inside the body. By building genetically engineered products that solve real human needs, he hopes to reverse the misinformation and lack of understanding that has contributed to the negative public perception of GMOs. In a past life, he worked with Rhesus monkeys to develop potential vaccines or cures for HIV and other infectious diseases.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Why GMOs are critical to humanity’s future
  • The reason GMOs (and vaccines) have such a public image problem
  • Why probiotics and the gut microbiome are actually are a really big deal
  • The secret cause of nearly all chronic and neurological diseases
  • Why the best solutions to climate change are almost inevitably GMOs
  • How to think about startups and IP in the biotech realm
  • The future of personalized medicine
  • Why LeBron’s poop could help you lose weight
  • The real risk of bioterrorism
  • What fields of synthetic biology are the most promising

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