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110. A Biotech Solution to Pesticide-Free Food to Feed the World, and Mars Colonies | Fatma Kaplan

Dr Fatma Kaplan

Dr. Fatma Kaplan (@KaplanSchiller) is the co-founder and CEO/CSO of Pheronym, a company trying to help solve world food crisis and feed the growing world population, farmers need for a non-toxic way to control pests.

Fatma’s an accomplished scientist with experience in both biology and chemistry focused on isolating biologically active compounds. She discovered the first sex pheromone of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and published in Nature and discovered that pheromones regulate other behaviors in both parasitic and beneficial nematodes.

She’s been published in numerous high impact publications, her dissertation was cited in textbooks and Fatma’s worked as a scientist at NASA, the National Magnetic Field Laboratory and the US Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How sex hormones can save us from soil microbiome depletion and why that matters
  • The secret to pesticide-free agriculture
  • How to use agritech to combat climate change
  • What we need to do to combat global hunger
  • The trouble with biotech fundraising
  • What risks Fatma’s most worried about from a biotech perspective
  • How to improve education for the better and make science cool
  • Why Fatma’s working with NASA and the ISS to grow veggies in space
  • The future of clean meat and why it still requires plants
  • How to go about getting a grant to commercialize IP
  • Ways to fight the anti-science movement
  • Why GMOs will play an increasingly large role in humanity’s future

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