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100. Why CRISPR is Overrated and Gene Drives are Terrifyingly Powerful | Gabriel Licina

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Gabriel Licina (@glimsd) is a Molecular Biologist, Research Consultant, hardcore biohacker and the Chief Research Officer of Scihouse, a research-focused makerspace working to make science and technology accessible for everyone with a variety of classes on topics from programming and computer skills, to botany, chemistry, 3d printing and more.

In 2015 Gabriel chemically induced night vision in his eyes with a controversial, yet successful experiment and is very active in the self-DIY movement. He’s also been very involved in the ecology and sustainable development spaces, serving as Biologist in Residence at Exosphere HQ.

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Today we discuss:

  • Why CRISPR’s overhyped and still has a long way to go
  • The reason genetic engineering is so hard and yet so promising
  • Why Gabriel is hopeful, respectful and somewhat scared of gene drives
  • Where we are headed with gene editing and designer babies
  • How Gabriel and his team chemically induced night vision by studying deep-sea fish
  • A CRISPR solution to climate change and why all the tech in the world may not be enough
  • What Gabriel thinks about bioterrorism and its risks
  • How venture capital pollutes hobbyists and innovation
  • The problem with open-source biology and funding
  • What the future of healthcare looks like and where the power will rest
  • Why the FDA helps and hurts innovation and progress
  • How biohackers drive biotech and health science
  • The problem with the university route to fundamental science

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